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A Man Who Travel Around China with His Dog

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A Man Who Travel Around China with His Dog

I’m Liy, and the album cover was taken last year during a trip to Dunhuang with my little emperor in Yangguan. I bought the car in 13 years. After picking up the car, my first reaction was "I can take the dog out to play now"! Then, on the first weekend with the driver’s license, I took the dog and my friends from Chongqing to Zhenyuan, Guizhou, and set off to live in Zunyi on Friday night.

One the National Day, I took him to Pu Zhe for a boat ride. She was not afraid at all. The boating aunt was very afraid of him at first, but then she was surprised to say how the dog is not fierce at all. Then took him to Jianshui Ancient City, played on the Shuanglong Bridge, and then took him to Fuxian Lake. Modeling: Take him to climb the mountain by the Fuxian Lake. If he runs too fast, he will be very nervous and run back to find someone. .

It’s okay to take it to a natural scenic spot. When you bring it to a mature scenic spot or ancient town, you must bring a large pile of waste newspapers with you. Another advantage of traveling with a dog is that you don’t have to hesitate and hesitate when you don’t have a companion. I'm not alone and lonely when I hit the road. In the Spring Festival of 2014, a person took him to Youyang Taohuayuan, Gongtan Ancient Town, and Wujiang Gallery. I arrived in Youyang at night and lived in the inn in the ancient city of Youzhou. After dinner, I took him out for a stroll. Because there were no people during the Spring Festival, the whole ancient city was the two of us. At this time, the importance of the dog came out. He ran ahead and I Walk slowly behind and keep each other company.

The next day I went to Taohuayuan. The staff was very nice. After we had to keep him tied, we let us in (5A scenic spot is not easy), and then took him to the ancient town of Gongtan by boat. Blow up

I went to the hot springs together in winter, he put his head on the side of the pond and looked at me.

In summer, take him to play in the water, go camping, we sleep in a hammock, and he rests on the ground. During the Spring Festival, I went to Bingzhongluo with friends. On New Year’s Eve, the three of us had hot pot together. After a year of excitement, I took him on foot, car, boat, drill hole (Qilian Mountain Horseti Temple), and even climb the mountain (take him away) The trail went to climb Gele Mountain and got lost. We actually climbed up from the pile of rocks): We were afraid of each other when we saw other animals. When we were playing by the river in Tongliang Anju, we came across a group of free-range sheep. At the same time, we encountered the same situation. We camped and watched the sunrise together on the Gobi Desert in Yumenguan: chasing voles in Gahai Lake in winter; at the end of last year, Chongqing had a rare snowfall, and then this guy went crazy in the mountains. We play in the Chishui Waterfall; at night we like to find a place to sit and drink a little wine, and then he will stay with him.

Finally, I want to say that it is indeed a very happy thing to travel with a pet. I am very grateful to the dog to accompany me to so many places. It is an experience I have never had before. How should I put it, it seems that there is a little brother who is walking around with me all the way, seeing him very happy, my mood improves unknowingly.

Next, let’s talk about the travel equipment. The dog leash can be retractable, and the pet bag is also necessary. He can carry him on his back when he gets tired.


[Precautions] Here are some things to pay attention to when taking a dog out to play:

  1. All public transportation is abandoned. Subways, buses, and trains are definitely not allowed. Airplanes can be checked, but the death rate of pets checked by airlines is very high. So, if you want to take your dog out for a trip, you must first have a car.
  2. The question of whether you can bring pets into the scenic area. This depends on the scenic area management regulations and the mood of the staff. In terms of personal experience, most of the scenic spots above 4A have been in, as long as you communicate with the staff well, first, you must always hold the dog and not let go and scare people, and second, you must patiently explain to them what kind of dog this is. They don't bite fiercely (Huskies, Alaska, German Shepherd, etc. just give up. For large dogs, Gu Mu and Golden Retriever are easier to talk). If the staff insists not to enter it, it will also be divided into circumstances. For example, Mogao Grottoes are all national treasures, so don't even think about it. If you need to take a tourist bus to enter the scenic spot, such as Zhouzhi Taibai Mountain, just give up; Buddha Ping panda and golden monkey base? give up. There is no problem with open scenic spots, such as ancient towns. I personally feel that the attitudes towards pets in scenic spots in different provinces are different. I am from Chongqing. Generally speaking, the surrounding areas and the scenic spots in the three southwestern provinces (Yunguichuan) are very good at talking. It may be that people in the southwest have the habit of keeping pets. The Northwest region is not very familiar with pets, but it is also easy to communicate. In a word: Communicate well and obey management.
  3. [A very important one] When taking a dog into the scenic spot, you must bring paper to pick up shit! People trust you when they let you take the dog in. Your dog is shit everywhere in the scenic area. Is it worthy of the trust of others! You left a few feces and ran away. When people are disgusted, other dog owners will not let other dog owners take their dogs in. What do you mean by hurting others and detrimental to yourself! In society, it is because there are too many unqualified dog owners that it is inconvenient for us to take dogs out to play. Each of us does something to improve the impression of others, so that more people will accept us and have the opportunity to realize pets in the future. You can also enter the scenic spot and enter the hotel by transportation, okay! On the way to see the mural, the staff in the scenic spot was very kind, and let him take the shuttle bus, so moved~
  4. Don't let your dog sit in the passenger seat. First, it is a safety issue. In case of chaos and gears or something, it will be uncomfortable. Generally, it is better to arrange it in the back seat, with large space and worry-free.
  5. The problem of eating. As long as your dog is not that kind of noisy and fierce, ordinary restaurants will not be allowed to enter. Of course, going out to play is also in eating restaurants or delicious streets. You have to go to the core business district. You should be kicked out of the restaurant for dinner. 7. Accommodation issues. It is indeed a problem for people who take large dogs out to open a house. My solution is to not bring the dog to the front desk to register to open the room, take the card, pay the money, and then return to the car to bring the luggage in with the dog, chop first and then play. Of course, during your hotel stay, you should also be careful not to let your dog damage the hotel facilities or dirty the indoor environment. Only in this way can you leave a message to the other person when you leave the next day. impression.

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