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How to Choose a Pet Backpack for Traveling

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How to Choose a Pet Backpack for Traveling

As the pet owner, when going shopping or traveling, I always hope to go out with my beloved pet. However, not all places are suitable for direct entry with a dog. It is recommended that owners of small or medium-sized dogs can consider buying a dog backpack, so that you can complete your dream of playing around with a puppy.

Nowadays, Pet backpacks are not only diverse in styles, but also versatile in functionality. Whether you are taking your pet to see a doctor or going on a long trip, it is very suitable for protecting your pet with a backpack.

Compared with traditional pet cages, backpacks are easier to carry and have some of the advantages of pet cages. They can also carry pet supplies and allow pets to rest outside. Some size pet backpacks can also be carried on the plane, which is very convenient and maneuverable.

Pet backpacks are better to carry than pet cages; pets will be safer and more comfortable during the journey.

Below we have sorted out the various aspects that should be considered when buying a dog backpack. It is recommended that you understand carefully so that you can choose the most suitable backpack for you and your pet. In addition to pet dogs, Pet backpacks can also be used for other pets, such as cats, rabbits, and hedgehogs.

Types of Pet backpacks

There are many types of Pet backpacks on the market, each with its advantages and disadvantages and its special functions. It is recommended that you consider your travel needs, where to go, and the personality of your pet to choose the type that suits you.

  1. Travel Backpacks

The pet backpack of the travel backpack style is just like a normal travel backpack. The picture shows a pet backpack with a "transparent window" design like a space capsule.

This kind of pet backpack similar to a travel backpack is very common. It looks like a normal travel backpack, except that the pet backpack will use some mesh panels to allow pets to stay inside more breathable. This backpack is very safe and suitable for long-distance travel.

Most of this type of backpacks are soft-sided carriers made of soft materials, but there are also some brands that have launched hard-sided carriers. The advantages of hard-sided backpacks are that they are resistant to collisions and easy to clean. , But some users think that hard backpacks are more suitable for cats who like privacy than small dogs or puppies who like to peek outside.

  1. Hiking Backpacks

Pet backpacks with hiking backpacks usually have an opening on the top that allows pets to stick their heads out.

The pet backpack looks very similar to a mountaineering backpack. The top is usually designed with an opening for pets to stick out, and some mesh material design makes this pet backpack very breathable and suitable for pets that are active or who are afraid of heat.Β 



  1. Wearable Dog Carriers

The sling type pet backpack is similar in shape to a common baby sling, making it easy for dogs to look around.

Sling-type Pet backpacks are just like common baby slings. After putting on the sling, pets can observe the outside world freely. This kind of bag is generally suitable for front back and back; small dogs or puppies are mostly suitable for front back, large dogs are suitable for back, and for some sick or older large dogs, the owner can use back His backpack takes them out for hiking.

In addition to the above types, some types of Pet backpacks are also equipped with rollers, allowing owners to drag their pets on flat ground. If you need to bring your pet on the plane, you can also consider a pet backpack with wheels.

Measure pet size

The size of the pet backpack is very important. Be sure to measure the height, length and weight of your pet at home before determining the size you want. When choosing, it needs to be larger than the size of the measurement, so that the pet can move easily in the backpack. You can first measure the shoulder height (the height from the shoulder to the ground) of the pet in your home. For a suitable soft backpack, add 2 to 3 inches to this height, while for a hard backpack, add 3 to 5 inches to this height. .

If you plan to buy online and are worried about the size inconsistency, you can also use a thick cardboard box and cut out a cardboard box of the same size. Let the dog "try it out" to make sure that the size is perfect and suitable.

Most brands provide complete sizes to meet the needs of pets of different sizes. If your pet is between two sizes, be sure to choose the larger one. If you plan to buy a backpack for a puppy, remember to consider its size when it grows up. You can first buy a size suitable for adult dogs.

Pay attention to the comfort of your back

Even light-weight puppies will become heavier and heavier as they carry them on their backs for a long time. Therefore, it is very important to choose a pet backpack that is comfortable to carry. When purchasing, please pay attention to whether the design of the backpack is ergonomic. The material and width of the strap will also affect the comfort of the back. Try to choose a padded strap and pay attention to the overall support of the backpack.

Some types of Pet backpacks will be attached with auxiliary straps. This design can not only increase the support effect, but also distribute the load, making it easier for the person on the back.

Excellent material

The material of a pet backpack that is worth buying must be durable, breathable and easy to clean. Because cats, dogs and other animals may scratch or bite the backpack with their paws, it is very important to use durable materials. In addition, the breathable material allows pets to feel comfortable in the backpack, and the easy-to-clean material makes it more convenient for us to use. It is recommended that you buy a pet backpack that can be washed directly with a washing machine, or a backpack that can be removed and cleaned inside.

Enough storage space

When choosing a pet backpack, check whether there is enough storage space for you to carry your belongings.

When choosing a backpack, it is recommended that you check whether there is enough storage space so that you can carry some of your own belongings. If you have to carry other bags while carrying your pet backpack, it will be very inconvenient! Ample storage space can put your wallet, mobile phone, water bottle, or other pet supplies.

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