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How to Select a Cat Backpack Suit you?

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How to Select a Cat Backpack Suit you?

The backpack you choose to carry your cat, really depends on your cat, you and the activities you plan to do with your cat.

Pick a Cat Backpack that Your Cat Loves

At the end of the day, you want your cat to love their cat backpack.

So you really need to think about them when picking a backpack carrier for them.


Always check the size of the backpack you are choosing and the weight it is rated for.

It needs to be the right size for your cat and able to hold their weight.

Number of Entry Points

All pet backpacks have locations where your cat can enter the backpack.

Think about how you would place your cat in the backpack.  a backpack with multiple entry points may be a better option as it will be easier to place them in the bag.

Structure of the Bag

On the surface a soft collapsible bag looks idea as it may be easier to fold up and store.

However, these bags tend to collapse in on your cat, making it uncomfortable for them. We recommend using a backpack with a structure so that your cat can stand on it and look out.

Cat Backpack Base

Look for a cat backpack with a non-slip base, so that you can comfortably place it on the ground with your cat in it.


For the safety of your cat, we always recommend that your cat wears a harness while exploring with you.

With this in mind, we also recommend that your cat backpack has a tether for your cat’s harness. This will help keep them securely in your backpack.

Windows and Air Holes

To make sure your cat doesn’t feel claustrophobic in their cat carrier, make sure you pick a backpack with air holes and windows.

These windows are typically made of mesh. Some windows are made of plastic with air holes in them.

Pick a Cat Backpack that You Will Love

You will be carrying your cat on your back, so you need a backpack that works for you.

As such, we recommend choosing a backpack with a padded back and comfortable shoulder straps.

If you plan on doing longer hikes or adventures, choose a cat backpack that has waist and chest straps.

The Cat Backpack for How You Spend Your Time

Different activities tend to need different gear.

Just like it is unlikely that you would wear hiking boots to brunch, a backpack made for exploring the city may not be the best backpack for a 7km hike with your cat.

With this in mind, decide what kind of activities you will be doing with your cat and use this to choose what backpack to purchase.

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